Thursday, October 14, 2010


     In my opinion, each article of clothing that we own tells a story. It may be the story of why we purchased that item. Or the story of our lives when we purchased it. Or perhaps, the story of what happened when we wore it. When I shop, I see fashion as an investment and a collection. Some people collect antiques (this is another weakness of mine), some stamps, or shoes, or handbags, or cards, and so on and son on. I collect clothing. Naturally, I can't just throw these investments into my collection in any place, which is why I safeguard them meticulously in my closet. Nothing inspires me more than closets, and of course their contents. I can't think of too many things more wonderful than seeing a closets filled with items that are loved and cherished. Closets can range from yearly designer purchases to weekly H&M buys, from local flea market finds to distant flea markets found during travels. What's important is that the closet tells a story. I plan to fill this blog with my own clothing investments that tell the stories of how I acquired them or what was happened in my life, as well as pictures I find of closets that are inspiring.

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